Curries for Curry Week -the way my mum taught me

It’s Curry Week in the UK.  I have no idea who decides these things but it’s given me a nice opportunity to respond to some of your requests and share my curry recipes.

I learned how to cook after I finished my O’levels.  That summer all my friends had been given permission to go on holiday to Greece – on their own!  I, on the other hand, had to stay home and learn how to cook!  Each day my mother taught me different recipes and berated me for getting things wrong because we didn’t have endless pots of money to spend on more ingredients.  She was adamant I had a good repertoire so I could show any future Indian mother in law that I not only had a great career but was a good housewife too!  I hated the whole process and sulked often.  Now of course I am grateful to have these basic skills and recipes and cook them every week with my own daughters.

The method I was taught for the Cauliflower Curry is a great example of the Gujerati style curries of my heritage.  I have since learned lots of different styles from other Indian friends or from my travels – my favourite being Keralan because of my love of coconut.  So I’d like to share my youngest daughter’s favourite Potato and Prawn Curry with you too.  It has slightly more spices but the method is just as simple.

12 responses to “Curries for Curry Week -the way my mum taught me

  1. LOVELY curry ideas and I adore the stuff, could inhale it on a daily basis…….loved reading this post too!


  2. these are lovely curries. I wish my mum had taken more time to teach me to cook . I have had to learn by watching and tasting !


  3. Those look like delicious recipes, especially the cauliflower one! I love cauliflower with a bit of spice:-)


  4. Tracey Todhunter

    Delicious, I shall be adding those to my repetoire too:) You’re lucky your Mum spent the time teaching you, my Mum was a hopeless cook so I taught myself and I’ve made sure my daughter can cook – not to impress a future Mother in Law – but just because it’s fun to cook together! Thanks for sharing these.


  5. Firstly, great blog. Secondly, I tried the potato and prawn curry and it turned out beautifully. Thank you.


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