Winner! Best Chocolate Creation

I’m delighted to announce the winner of November’s Most Chocolatey Creation goes to Melanie Heavenly from Heavenly Bites for her Heavenly Chocolate Mousse Cake.

As she says this is the ultimate ‘go to’ recipe to impress!  I love her adaptations to the original recipe. It’s a non baked classic that could quite easily be on top of a baked biscuit base or even a dark chocolate sponge.  Brilliant inspiration for all you chocoholics!

Congratulations Melanie!  Please contact me with your postal address so I can send you the fabulous Hotel Chocolat Sleekster Box for you to eat all by yourself. (You do all do that with chocolate boxes don’t you or is it just me??)

Thank you so much to other inspirational entries:


8 responses to “Winner! Best Chocolate Creation

  1. I thought I was the only person to eat the boxes all to myself!


  2. Oh look at all this wonderful chocolate! I’m in mourning today because (while trying to be on some sort of moral high ground) I switched advent calendars and gave my mum my Hotel Chocolat advent calendar in exchange for a non-chocolate, picture only advent calendar…shame! The cake looks delicious though…




  4. A deserving win – though I could just do with a chocolate or two now!


  5. Blissfully Vintage

    Wow! That looks gorgeous!


  6. cool blog, rss following now and wish to see some similar posts soon.


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