Book Review: Alain Ducasse’s Nature

Well it’s certainly Spring across the UK and I’m loving it.  It’s been a long winter and I’m done with stodgy comfort food eating. If you feel the same, this book is a must have.

Mr. Ducasse – sorry I simply cannot call this man Alain! I was taught to respect my elders and wisers and this man is certainly in that category.

Anyway, in this book, Mr Ducasse returns to the basics of French cooking without the fuss.  I know you’ve heard that before and seen many chefs do this.  However what this book also does is French cuisine without the FAT!  There are nearly 200 recipes which are simple to make and giv pride of place to vegetables, fruit and cereal grains as well as the standard chapters on fish, meat and poultry.

I made his Rhubarb Tart….

rhubarb tart

Rhubarb Tart - they're just in season so go grab some!

…his Pumpkin Seed Condiment….

Pumpkin Seed Condiment

…and a variation of his hummus recipe.

hummus rocket

I made his hummus green by adding rocket

You can read my full review and make your own mind up about this man’s greatness but if like me, you’re ready for that lovely Spring and Summer food, go get this book!

What are your favourite dishes to eat at this time of year?

2 responses to “Book Review: Alain Ducasse’s Nature

  1. It is pouring as I type this. Asparagus is here, but I don’t like asparagus. I recently saw a recipe for potato, fennel and leek soup that I want to try and I made a pear tart tatin over the weekend with Bosc pears.


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