Food and Flowers in Amsterdam

Last weekend I escaped the rain and drizzle that swept across the British Isles to sunny Amsterdam. Here are my highlights.


There are markets all over Amsterdam dedicated to all sorts of things.  We visited the Bloemenmarkt which is one long, line of huts selling seeds, bulbs, flowers, potted plants and a load of floral paraphernalia.

amsterdam tulips

Hundreds of different varieties of tulip bulbs

amsterdam tulip bulb

Blubs and bulbs and more bulbs!

amsterdam tulips

Unusual packaging for tulip bulbs


Some unusual plants for sale

We also visited the foodie Farmer’s Market which takes place on Saturday mornings in the Jordaan area. It was very similar to British farmer’s markets to be honest. A lovely range of stalls to amble through and set in a child’s park so they can play while you shop.

amsterdam Easter Stollen

Easter Stollen at 10 Euros a loaf!

amsterdam markets mushrooms

So many wonderfully fresh mushrooms

amsterdam market

These cakey, bread balls were made from dried apricots, figs, spelt flour and seeds


I haven’t drunk this ubiquitous beer since I was at University.  The Dutch founders acquired and built their first breweries here in 1864.  One of them is now a brilliant museum and interactive experience.  It takes you right through the development of the brand and the way the beer is made with many lovely interactive exhibits.  It’s been well thought through to appeal to little ones and adults alike.

amsterdam heineken

Heineken - a phenomenal long-standing brand


I am a big cheese fan and could not resist visiting every cheese shop we came across – much to the annoyance and rolling eyes of my girls.  Having said that, they were keen to sample the many flavours of Gouda on offer using their pocket money to invest in a smokey, sausage shaped one which lasted all of one day at home!

amsterdam cheese

Smoked Paprika Gouda

amsterdam cheese

So many different varieties

amsterdam pesto cheese

Pesto Gouda

papabubble sweet shop

This tiny little sweet shop in Jordaan has a little row of stairs with cushions where you can informally perch and watch the kitchen preparing sweets.  We got three just in time for passionfruit and raspberry preparation and I can tell you that even Willi Wonka would take his hat off to these guys.  Such a stunning level of detail goes into these sweets and they even sell off the ends that are too big to be used for charity!  A must visit.

amsterdam boiled sweets

Raspberry and Passionfruit

amsterdam, boiled sweets

Papabubble selection box


If you are planning to visit Amsterdam in Spring, Summer and maybe early Autumn, allow some time for the wonderful flower gardens of Keukenhof.  We got there first thing in the morning and got to see the lovely displays without too many crowds.  There were wonderful displays and exhibits of roses and orchids which brought back wonderful memories of my flower shop days.

amsterdam tulips

Beautiful baby pink tulip planting

amsterdam keukenhof

Hyacynths as far as the eye could see

amsterdam keukenhof

Orchid art


There are many pancake restaurants in Amsterdam to suit all budgets.  We couldn’t leave without sampling the finest from The Pancake Bakery which is a tiny little place on Prinsengracht. We queued for about half an hour to get in but it was worth the wait.  The staff are lovely and there is a huge range of sweet and savoury. We had a Norwegian (smoked salmon and cream cheese), a Masai (mixed vegetables and cheese) and an Indonesian (vegetables with a satay sauce on a bed of beansprouts). They were enormous and very filling.

amsterdam, pancake

Superb value at The Pancake Bakery on Prinsengracht

We also devoured (and spent far too much money on) Poffertjes –  Little blini sized pancakes served with melted butter and a dusting of icing sugar. Too, too good!

amsterdam, poffertjes

Poffertjes at 5 euros for ten!

It was such a lovely weekend full of ambling and eating. The perfect break.

Have you been to Amsterdam? What were your highlights? 

23 responses to “Food and Flowers in Amsterdam

  1. Gorgeous pictures! You found the best spots in Amsterdam!


  2. Lovely post then only thing I would aside aside from the Van Gogh and Reijks museum would a a Grachten boat ride! but culinarily you got it!


  3. Yummmy! Have wanted to go there for a long time, but now I know what to eat:)


  4. Beautiful photos, Urvashi. I’ve never been to Amsterdam. I’d like to go sometime.


  5. It all looks fabulous.Thanks for this


  6. I’m so glad that you enjoyed my beautiful adopted city. It is a great time of year to come, and also when we get the good weather. It can be expensive to eat, but there are also some great, cheap places to go as well. I am happy to give some tips, if you come back.


  7. Gorgeous photos Urvashi! Brought me right back to Keukenhof and the pancakes:-)


  8. Urvashi, what beautiful photographs. Your post, makes me want to visit Holland, and Amsterdam again. I lived in southern Holland for several weeks, during the transition of winter to spring many years ago. When I visited Amsterdam, I loved the vibe the city had, it reminded me of Dublin. I spent days just walking around the city, amazed, by the beauty of the street stalls, the flowers, the canals, and the herbal shops. I came back with endless natural preparations, a huge whole gouda (how I managed to get that back to the UK, I just don’t know, as it was soooooooo heavy) and good memories.

    I especially liked visiting the Corrie Ten Boom, house, a short train ride from the city centre. It really brought alive to me, just how people were prepared to help others, in the war. As well as the remarkable conditions of the hiding places, were people lived.

    Great post. Have a super day.



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