Simple and In Season – May Recipe Link Up

One of the great joys of writing about food is meeting (albeit virtually) all the other people who write about food.  One of my favourite writers and food photographers is Ren Behan at Fabulicious Food.  She has lots of great, easy to make recipes, honest product reviews and amaaaazing photographs.  She also has a wonderful blogging event called Simple and in Season which I am delighted to be hosting for the month of May.

simple and in season

I love the concept.  The idea is to highlight and share food that’s in season.  Hopefully the recipes you share will give us all some inspiration and encourage us to try produce we haven’t before.

All you have to do is read through the guidelines below and then link your recipe up by adding the link to your post as a comment below. 

A few guidelines.

  1. Come up with a dish using any seasonal produce – savoury or sweet, baked or not baked – it’s entirely up to you.
  2. Post the recipe on your blog and link it back to this page ( and to Ren’s Simple and In Season page:
  3. Please feel free to use the image/badge above on your blog post.
  4. Post your recipe by the 31st May 2012.  I’ll do a round-up post of all the entries soon after that.
  5. You can take inspiration from anywhere – adapt a recipe from your favourite cookbook, try something from a magazine, make up your own creation or share a family favourite. The usual rules apply when using someone else’s recipe, please either get permission from the author to post it or adapt it in some way stating how/why you’ve changed it.
  6. Include any seasonal produce you fancy but seeing that my blog is all about botanicals no meat or fish this time –  go for fruit, vegetables, herbs, seeds, plants or edible flowers!
  7. Link as many recipes as you like.
  8. The linky-up is open to anyone, anywhere. Although it will be nice to feature as much British produce as possible, it will be interesting to see what’s in season elsewhere too.
  9. If you’re on Twitter, you can also tweet “I’ve entered @RenBehan Simple and In Season for May at @BotanicalBaker”.

I can’t wait to see your entries!

92 responses to “Simple and In Season – May Recipe Link Up

  1. Thanks, Urvashi. This is right up my street, as you say.


  2. I look forward to seeing what your readers come up with, as well as try and come up with something of my own. Being a fellow ‘botanist’ I am happy to go with the all-plant slant. Well done for getting involved in hosting.


  3. Looking forward to seeing what your readers come up with for this clever link up contest ‘mothered’ by Ren. And hopefully I can come up with something worthy of inclusion as well. As a fellow ‘botanist’ I am very happy to go with the ‘all-plant slant’😀


  4. Hope to join in this month as I missed out last month. No meat or fish is perfect for me! Can’t really bake a cake with either of those😉


  5. Dear Urvashi, thank you so much for hosting what will be Simple and in Season’s first birthday! So, we are leaving a comment with a link here as our entry, is that right? I will write a post tomorrow and update all the sign posts over on Fab Food x x x


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  8. Hi Urvashi,
    I am already thinking about ideas for entering. We’re getting into good growing season now so lots of lovely veggies and salads to choose from.
    Look forward to it, thanks!


  9. Hi Urvashi,
    Please find my entry for this months Simple and Seasons First Birthday Bash.


  10. Hi Urvashi! I’ve got a few seasonal recipes to choose from, all using British ingredients! Wasn’t sure which one to choose so I’ve gone for one rhubarb and one for asparagus – enjoy!


  11. Well, it would be nice to contribute something. I could use something directly from my tiny garden. Then you can be sure that it is 100% in season.


  12. Well, I had this already prepared the other day, I only had to put it down in writing. i would say, it absolutely fits the subject:


  13. Hi Urvashi
    This is my post for this month’s simple and in season:



  14. I DO love this challenge and I enter EVERY month, so count me in! Karen


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  17. Now I’ve just posted about passionfruit curd but although it was in season when I made it, don’t think it really is in May. I might have time to do something with rhubarb though.


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  19. Dear Urvashi, here is an entry from Mama!! A British Asparagus, Mozzarella, Tomato and Egg Salad! Thank you xxx


  20. Hi Urvashi,

    Here’s my entry for May – Lemon, Lime and Basil Cookies

    Ros x


  21. Hi Urvashi,
    Just posted an ice cream recipe, seasonal in that it’s flavoured with rhubarb, not so seasonal given that it’s way too cold for ice cream at the moment – does it still count?


  22. Hi Urvashi,
    Sorry wrong link first time around – should be this one


  23. Blissfully Vintage

    Hi Urvashi
    I would like to join in your May Simple and In Season Recipe Link Up:)


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  25. This is the first time I’ve entered Simple and in Season, here is my effort using some rhubarb from the garden


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  28. Hi Urvashi. You have botanicals from me. Rhubarb and rose honey cakes.


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  30. I cannot see the Linky, so here is my entry here:
    I have entered my Elizabethan Herb and Flower Salad!


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  32. I had a hilarious mess up in the kitchen today, but I thought I would enter Simple and In Season anyway. Very sorry, they’re a pretty pathetic attempt at scones and strawberry jam


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  34. MY latest entry is here – STRAWBERRIES!
    I’m Dreaming of a Sunny May!
    Wolds Way Lavender and Strawberry Fruit Cup


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  37. I’ve just entered : )
    Used English Asparagus and fresh herbs from the garden


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  39. Hi Urvashi,
    I have just entered a recipe and the link is here>>>
    Really looking forward to seeing your round-up!


  40. Hi Urvashi

    I am entering a Tabouleh using fresh spring onions, mint & parsley!


  41. Hi Urvashi,
    I know you’re getting scared about all these brilliant recipes that you have to write abot hehe, but sorry, here’s another recipe for youLsaag aloo made with stinging nettles and new potatoes! Thanks for all the kind work!


    • ooooh I love this idea of using nettles in curry! I’ve been meaning to have a go at coconut, potato and nettle curry. Perhaps if it gets colder in the UK again! Thanks for entering!!


  42. Hi Urvashi!
    Here’s my first participation to “Simple & in Season” : Strawberry & Rhubarb Lemonade, that I also call “Girly Fizz”.


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  44. Hi Urvashi,
    Here’s my contribution to what looks like it might be a bit of an epic round-up:


  45. Hi Urvashi

    Wow, this round up is going to take you a while! My entry is here, strawberry and white chocolate cake –

    Lucy, Vanilla Frost


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  47. Hi Urvashi,
    Thank you for hosting this. a family favourite from me. Watercress garlic butter stuffed mushrooms. Just right for BBQ weather.


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  49. a bit of an odd one but hey, the Jubilee is in ‘season’


  50. Hi Urvashi,

    What a lovely blog you have.

    Thanks for hosting this I hope I’m not too late for this months entry.

    My recipes for Compost Heap Soup and Red and Green Salad can be linked to here:


  51. Got my act together and thought I’d throw my kadhi into the mix.


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