Strawberries Signal The Start of Summer – Albeit A Wet One!

I read this week that there are 28,000kg of strawberries eaten at Wimbledon.  That’s incredible! What I love though is that this tradition dates back to the very first Wimbledon tournament in 1877.  Both strawberries and tennis signalled the start of summer and so naturally became the snack of choice for the sophisticated courtside crowds.

But this quintessentially British fruit was first cultivated in Brittany in France in the 1750s.  Growers blended a Virgina strawberry plant with a Chilean variety to create the common garden strawberry we grow and love today.


Strawberry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are over 100 varieties and it’s the Elsanta variety that’s cultivated in Kent that is eaten at Wimbledon and the one most pick your own farms grow.

Strawberries signal the start of summer

For me, I would agree with the Wimbledon organisers of old that they signal the start of summer.  But 10 strawberries with cream for £2.25? That’s rather excessive.   I guess that’s the mark up for keen eyes inspectors and hand hulling every day at 5.30 before the gates open!

There are plenty of English supplies around though despite the wet and miserable weather in England and as they are a huge source of Vitamin C, I’ll put them at the top of my shopping list for a few more weeks yet.  They are also a great source of fibre and as little as one cup contributes around 13% of your recommended intake for dietary fibre.

Here are a few recipe suggestions – all very simple!

First off some Strawberry, Chocolate and Hazelnut Canapés which are incredibly bit sized and incredibly moreish. You have been warned!

Strawberry Canapes

Strawberry, Chocolate and Hazelnut Canapes

Or how about some Strawberry and Custard Tarts.  Again simple to make and don’t need assembling til you are ready to eat.  could also work well with raspberries, blackberries, mangoes – any fruit really.

Strawberry and Custard Tart

Strawberry and Custard Tart

These Strawberry and Chocolate Meringue Cupcakes are very light and easy to make.

Strawberry and Chocolate Meringue Cupcakes

And finally, if you’d really like to get behind Mr Andy Murray (assuming he passes the semi finals today), how about a Red, White and Blue Celebration Cake.

Happy Jubilee Ma'am!

A Red, White and Blue Celebration Cake

13 responses to “Strawberries Signal The Start of Summer – Albeit A Wet One!

  1. Beautiful photos, Urvashi.


  2. I agree, great pictures! Love strawberries!!!


  3. OMG. you make such lovely bakes! Yummy! =)


  4. Strawberries do single the beginning of summer, I love them. Beautiful post, I am craving strawberries now.

    Have you ever tried strawberries in a salad? m I am a delicious one, with sliced strawberries, sliced (lengthways with a potato peeler) cumcumber, crumbled creamery goats cheese, dressed with a drizzle of honey, a pinch of seasalt, a dash or two of a good balsamic and finished with black pepper.


  5. All of these recipes sound fantastic – now it’s just a case of deciding which one to try first…


  6. I love all of your ideas and can’t believe we are actually in strawberry season. Feels like some other season at the mo! Let us hope desperately for a change but can enjoy your recipes regardless as they are so good :)) x


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