Restaurant Review : Bazar – Middle Eastern Magic in Amsterdam

Nowadays before travelling I do a lot of research. I plan. I make sure that I have read reviews so there is the smallest risk possible of eating somewhere rubbish. I guess it’s because I’ve got little ones with me now who are not so easy to uproot and go somewhere else.

So, on a cold and wet evening after a visit to the Heineken experience in Amsterdam, we were pleasantly surprised to find this fabulous restaurant by on the ubiquitous Albert Cuyp Straat.  We had intended to go to a sushi place but it was closed (despite what the guidebook said!). Serendipity is a wonderful thing.

Bazar is deceptively enormous! It’s in a former Dutch Reformed Church so the ceiling height allows for the most wonderful lampshades.  There is a large bar in the middle of the first floor which serves all kinds of drinks – Middle Eastern and Western, hot and cold.

And the food?  Well…the food is simply stunning.   It’s a wonderful mix of Middle Eastern dishes served all day – breakfast to late night snacking with heary lunches and dinners in between.

Take a closer look at what we ate but put this at the top of your list if you are ever in Amsterdam.

Copyright Urvashi Roe_bazar-5

Extravagant décor and glorious food

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