Wonderful Oregano

I started growing oregano a few summers ago and I wish I’d had this article by Jekka’s Herb Farm for reference.
I’ve been using oregano a lot in salads and breads. It’s a great source of Vitamin K which I am deficient in. It’s one of those vitamins that people forget about but is actually essential for good bone health.
As with many herbs, it’s a great source of fibre. The variety I grow is subtle enough to use liberally.
Finally, you may not know that oregano is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Odd eh?

Aside from all of those lovely health benefits, growing oregano and particularly the ‘Kent Beauty’ below, is great for our bees. I know they can be a pain – especially with children around – but think about life without them? No honey for starters!

Jekka's Herb Farm

The word Oregano is derived from the Greek oros, meaning ‘mountain’ and ganos, meaning ‘joy’ and ‘beauty’, how right.  This is the most wonderful group of plants that not only look stunning at this time of year but are also useful in the kitchen  and very beneficial for bees and butterflies.

The leaves of this herb have a wonderful rounded flavour and a tea can be made from the leaves to ease an upset  stomach.   Sadly this  oregano, is now endangered in the wild.  To grow it in the UK you must plant it in a very well drained soil as otherwise our wet winters will cause it to rot.

Another wonderful oregano in this group is  Origanum ‘Kent Beauty’ much beloved by bees.

These amazing bracts which surround the small flowers turn an even deeper shade of pink as the flowers fade.

The bracts dry…

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10 responses to “Wonderful Oregano

  1. Didn’t realise that oregano had so many health benefits – I’ll have to start using more! I grow Greek oregano for cooking with and let wild marjoram seed itself around the garden for the bees – these last couple of days the flowers have been literally buzzing with them.


  2. glamorous glutton

    This is the first year I’ve grown oregano. I had no idea it had so many health benefits, just thought it smelled and tasted great. GG


  3. I didn’t know oregano was so helpful in ways other than flavour! I grow a Greek oregano that is so pungent one leaf tends to be enough. Maybe I should be less of a wimp and use it more often.


  4. Tracey Todhunter

    The bees love our wild marjoram, interesting to know that oregano has more nutritional properties than I knew about. I shall put even more in our home made soups and dips now!


  5. We have tons of oregano that self seeds around the garden,coming through cracks and insinuating itself among the more deliberate planting. But I never pull it up. The tiny purple flowers look so pretty and seem to attract as many bees as the buddleia. Because it is so abundant I tend to use it a lot. I’m originally from Florida and the bit where I’m from is heavily influenced by Greek and Cuban cooking, both of which rely a lot on oregano. It’s a much overlooked herb in the UK but a great addition to so many savoury dishes.


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