The Great British Bake Off Returns to BBC2

I cannot believe it’s been a year already since I took part in The Great British Bake Off.  The year has absolutely flown by with some amazing experiences all over the UK.

Series 3 returns to our screens in the UK today at 8pm on BBC2.  Here’s a little taster in case you haven’t seen it.

It looks like an interesting line up of contestants and I’ll be watching it with fond memories of my time in the tent.  I’ll be interested to see how they’ve changed the format too. Hopefully they have and the series will evolve rather than become formulaic like some others have.

An accompanying book

Once again there is a book to accompany the series.  This time it’s themed on ‘Showstoppers’.  That word still makes me shudder from my time on the show but I must say that the book is thoroughly excellent!

And an iphone app too!

If you’re one of those people going off books in general, you’ll be please to know that there is also an iphone app.  It has recipes from this series and the last series that I was in.  Not as many as I thought but I’m sure they’ll be updating it as the show goes on over the summer.

Finally, please keep an eye on Great British Chefs website.  I’ll be covering the show each week with some commentary on their blog.

So are you looking forward to bake off mania hitting the country again? Who’s your favourite judge? 

10 responses to “The Great British Bake Off Returns to BBC2

  1. I saw the photo on the front of the Radio Times, but hadn’t got around to checking when it was on – thanks, you’ve saved me a job! My daughter has been watching Junior Bake Off during the holidays and is going through a baking frenzy, so the two of us will be watching tonight!


  2. I am so looking forward to watching this tonight! I love Paul and Mary, they are the perfect judges. The only thing is, I loved the last series so much I’m afraid that this one might be a hard act to follow! I’ll just have to watch and find out:-)


  3. I am ready and waiting. And I can’t wait to read your insider’s comments on the series, both here and on the bbc blog.


  4. Russell Farr-Jones

    Mary said Soggy Bottoms! I’m going to try and keep count of the number of times it’s said in the series. And they tried to get it trending on Twitter earlier.

    Seriously, I’m so excited about the new series starting. Series 2 was the first I watched and it got me properly hooked on baking (thank you!)

    My favourite judge is Mary. Would love to spend an afternoon with her in the kitchen baking battenburgs and Victoria sponges.:-)


  5. Blissfully Vintage

    I’m so happy it’s back! Watching last night’s episode made me remember how incredible all you contestants are – I really couldn’t cope with all that pressure! I loved watching you last year and am really looking forward to enjoying this new series – I love Mary Berry too- isn’t she amazing? X


  6. Mary Berry is absolutely amazing, and oh…the stress from Paul’s glares…I shudder, but the man truly knows his bread and is truly admirable. I’m so very glad this show is back!! Long may it continue to challenge home bakers to new heights and keep baking in fashion! x


  7. Such a bummer is missed much of the last series as I would have loved seeing you bake. It must have been an experience never to forget! It’s a tough competition!


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