A Masterclass with Eric Lanlard

I was recently invited to a masterclass with Eric Lanlard.  I am a HUGE fan of Eric’s work and so I cannot tell you how excited I was!

The class was held at his new The Cafe at Cake Boy in Battersea.  It’s a really cool  place to hang out near the river with lovely, plush sofas that my girls settled into right away.

As the event had been organised by the lovely people at Neilsen Massey Vanilla, we were treated on arrival to some wonderful canapés. – sweet and savoury.

I started with some Gazpacho.  The vanilla set the tomato off beautifully and this little shot glass was just the perfect portion.

A Masterclass with Eric Lanlard, gazpacho

Gorgeous Gazpacho

Next I had a Smoked Salmon Sandwich.  The salmon had been spread with a tiny bit of the Neilsen Massey Vanilla Paste and was really quite special.

A Masterclass with Eric Lanlard

Smoked Salmon with Neilsen Massey Vanilla Bean Paste

But of course it was the desserts I was looking forward to.  I started with a Crème Brulee…..

A Masterclass with Eric Lanlard

Utterly Delightful Creme Brulee

….and moved on to a White Chocolate Teardrop which was filled with a vanilla bavaroise and topped with a petit macron as you can see.

A Masterclass with Eric Lanlard

White Chocolate Cup with Neilsen Massey Vanilla Bavarois

Next up was a Strawberry Mousse...

A Masterclass with Eric Lanlard

Strawberry Mousse

..followed by a Pistachio and Raspberry Mousse.

A Masterclass with Eric Lanlard

Raspberry and Pistachio Mousse

They were all utterly delightful!

Onto the Masterclass

For the masterclass Eric was going to show us how to make a Gateau Frasier.  A traditional, French dessert of sponge cake, creme mousseline and strawberries topped with marzipan.

Of course he made it look so simple.  He started off making a sponge.  He prefers using two tins rather than baking one sponge and cutting it in half.
It was a pretty rich sponge mixture.  Delicious but 5 eggs!

A Masterclass with Eric Lanlard

Eric and his laid back teaching style

Next up he made some creme mousseline.  This is basically a rich, thick custard whipped up with butter – yes butter!  I had not tried this before but I really wanted to give it a go because the texture was velvety smooth and as a frosting, it really wasn’t too sweet.  I must tell you that my first attempt at home was rather disastrous!  My error was not ensuring that the custard and butter were at the same temperature when beating together and so I got a curdly looking mixture.  It did rectify itself after cooling in the fridge but it was not as glossy as Eric’s.

A Masterclass with Eric Lanlard

Eric’s velvety smooth creme mousseline

He then basically laid the sponge base in a cake ring, placed cut strawberries around the edges in the middle, filled the gaps with creme mousseline and then put another sponge base on top of the those.

A Masterclass with Eric Lanlard

Building the Frasier in a cake ring

The whole thing was finished off with more creme mousseline and decorated with marzipan and chocolate.

A Masterclass with Eric Lanlard

A gorgeous, decadent Gateau Frasier

I decided I wanted to have a go but I knew that it would be too big for my family.  So I made these little Mini Gateaux using a biscuit cutter.  I didn’t have time for the writing so I decorated with a little Amedei chocolate.

Mini Frasier

My mini version with slightly floppy mousseline

I must say that I was fascinated by the vanilla education he gave us.  I’m going to do that more justice with a separate post as it’s such a fabulous botanical.

Thank you to Neilsen Massey, Eric Lanlard and the team at Cake Boy for inviting me to this wonderful masterclass.  I had a brilliant time.  Thank you also for the wonderful way you were with my girls and the cupcakes!

14 responses to “A Masterclass with Eric Lanlard

  1. These are pure work of art! Amazing looking food and great photographs.


  2. Sounds like a wonderful day, and that gateaux looks scrumptious! I love Cake Boy and cannot wait to find an excuse to go again!:)


  3. Both the full-size and mini versions of the gateau look wonderful. After reading your post, I’ve decided that gazpacho followed by cake might just be the perfect lunch!


  4. I’m so envious!! Sounds like an awesome day and class, and your photos are stunning!! x


  5. Sounds fabulous Urvashi, what an exciting experience. Those desserts are just beautiful as is Eric’s gateau.


  6. What kind of food would you serve at a Master Class for singers? Here is a link that will give you an idea of what I am talking about. Can you help?



    • Gosh. Difficult question! I would assume foods which keep the throat lubricated. so nothing dry that could cause irritation. Shot glasses of interesting and different soups. Glass noddle salad which simple soy and sesame dressing. I think your best bet is to contact a local nutritionist?


  7. Love your interpretations of my recipe and your individual Fraisier will be perfect to serve part of a diner party …Great Work !!
    glad you like your time at Cake-Boy and the learn a bit more about vanilla
    Happy Baking
    Eric x


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