Olives – Full of Fat and Flavour

I used to hate olives.  The first time I had one was by accident at secondary school and I spat it out and hid it discretely under my pile of mashed potato.  I can’t remember why.  It was just a peculiar taste.  Nowadays I could not be more opposite.  I love them.  The fridge always has a few jars full as they really are one of the most perfect healthy snacks but also a fab ingredient in the kitchen for all sorts of dishes.


(c) Fragata

Full of healthy fat

Olives are one of the most cited botanicals in western literature.  They were as valued for their medicinal qualities in ancient times as they are now.  They are a concentrated source of fat.  80-85% of the calories they contain come from fat and three quarters of this is oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid.  This has been associated by many in the know with a reduced risk of heart disease.

So as much as it seems like a contradiction in terms, these healthy fats  have a positive effect on your body and protect you from the effect of bad cholesterol. They actually lower the blood cholesterol level, so protecting against heart disease. I also read somewhere that the Vitamin E they contain has been shown to help reduce hot flushes during menopause!

The other reason I love them is that they are full of fibre.  About 100g is a third fibre content.  No wonder they fill me up!

Produced on our doorstep

Sadly I don’t think there are many producing olive groves in England but it is good to know that this wonder botanical doesn’t need to travel far to get to us.  The top three producers are Spain, Italy and Greece.

I was kindly sent some Spanish olives to try which were produced by Fragata.  I love the story of this company.  Hand harvested olives from trees planted by the founding family member Don Santiago Camacho Roman in 1897.

Tapas to satisfy late night munchies

Of course the Spanish are famous for their ‘tapas’ – mini, flavourful platters.  I am a big fan.  I love eating lots of mini meals instead of one main one.  It’s so much fun trying and sharing.

So I decided to use the olives I was sent to make a couple of tapas style treats that would satisfy my late night munchies.

Super Quick Olive and Sunflower Seed Loaf

I had a tin of lovely garlic stuffed olives in my Fragata hamper so I decided to make a little Olive and Sunflower Seed Bread.  Don’t be put off by the word ‘bread’.  This recipe takes about 10 minutes to measure and mix and 20 minutes to cook. I had it with a glass of Rioja and some of the Fragata Piri Piri Red Peppers.

Copyright_Urvashi Roe_portrait-4

Garlic, Olive and Sunflower Seed Bread

Lemon and Olive Jam

I recently had a session with Vivien Lloyd – preserve maker extraordinaire.  She inspired me to have a go at unusual combinations and that’s how this little combo came about.  I love lemon marmalade but it’s often too sweet so I sometimes sprinkle over a little sea salt.  Olives are salty so I wondered if they would work.  They did.  This is a rich, lemony jam with a hint of the olive flavour and is just perfect with cheese.  If you are a fan of damson jam or quince jelly then you might like it.

Copyright_Urvashi Roe_portrait

Lemon and Olive Jam

Now I have two delicious ‘tapas’ to satisfy my late night munchies – that are full of good fat and great flavour so I don’t need to feel guilty about the wine I’m having with them.  (That’s the theory anyway!).

Are you a fan of olives? How do you eat them? Do you use them in cooking or baking?

13 responses to “Olives – Full of Fat and Flavour

  1. Big fan of olives now but used to dislike them. Love them stuffed in a salad:) Mmm.


  2. the jam sounds delicious! i’ll definitely be making it once i’ve finished the last of my aubergine one.


  3. Even my fussy eater loves olives, should could munch her way through a whole jar, sadly not some of the more exciting flavours but we’re getting there.


  4. I just eat them right out of the container as a in-between meal snack. We also put them on our salads. The only olives that I buy are from Wegmans here in the east coast of the U.S. from their olive bar. I prefer the ones that are only cured in salt and water as opposed to the inferior oils that some of them are cured. Unfortunately, that limits the diversity.


  5. glamorous glutton

    Your lemon olive jam sounds really original and delicious. I love olives and also usually have some in the fridge. Fantastic for cooking with. GG


  6. I was an odd kid. I loved them so much that I would get a jar of really nice ones in my Christmas stocking! Still love them. I can’t understand people who like them but shun then because of the fat. These are probably folk who would eat a bowl of ice cream without batting an eye. Silly people!


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