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  3. So excited to discover you & your site. my fantasy job is to be a botanical chef – i too believe in the wonders of plants & flowers. as a lay person like yourself i am finding it difficult to get information (scientific) or plant identification courses. i made my first ever damson vodka & looking forward to tasting it, Am obsessed with bread – it’s a cold rise rye later tonight. But too much grain is a problem because it’s doesn’t promote healthy peristalsis but is instead an irritant to the gut. So looking around for more info I found that in eastern european countries they put marigold extract into blinis which makes perfect sense! marigold has soothing properties and is often used in salads. Warning however THEY MUST BE POT MARIGOLDS! where can a lay person find information on such matters?


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  5. Birgit Zimmermann

    Fantastic blog! Thank you


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