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Christmas Tree Traditions Of The Edible Kind

I must admit I get rather cross with all the Christmas hype on the high street and how it all seems to get earlier every year. In our house, we cannot, I mean we are not allowed to, get excited about Christmas until after my birthday which is on the 11th December.  Having grown up with joint presents and joint parties and joint cards, this one rule is simply non negotiable – especially when it comes to the Christmas tree.

The tree goes up literally the day after as eager little hands unpack the decorations and seek out favourites.  My girls each have a little box of decorations that they have made at school or we have bought for them each year. The idea is that they have the box ready to take with them when they leave home.  They get so excited when the box comes down from the loft.  Each has a story – a ballet figurine one year because they were obsessed with their pink tutus, a star made from their little handprints on card at nursery, reindeer baubles from a visit to Santa at Lapland.  The list goes on.

The decorating chatter is filled with “do you remember…?” as their little hands reach to secure the decorations carefully onto the tree.  They reach higher every year and this year I am sure they will reach higher than me as they’ve grown so tall.

Reaching up the Christmas Tree

Reaching up the Christmas Tree

Another tradition we started last year was baking edible tree ornaments.  These beautiful Polish biscuits from Ren Behan’s blog are on the list. Just so pretty and rustic. A perfect match for the home crafted school ornaments that go between the ‘posh’ baubles.

Polish Pierniczki - Click for recipe on Ren's blog

Polish Pierniczki – Click for recipe on Ren’s blog

Another favourite are these German Baiserringe – delicate rings of meringue which look every so pretty on the tree and are a welcome snack after the Queen’s speech on Christmas day.

Edible Christmas Decorations - Meringue Rings

German Baiserringe – Edible Tree Decorations – Click for recipe


Have you put your Christmas tree up yet? What are your tree decorating traditions? Do you have any edible ornament recipes to share?