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The Gift Of Waste

Recently I’ve been involved with the Gift Of Waste campaign which is being run for The European week For Waste Reduction.  It aims to promote actions people can take to reduce the amount of waste they generate – specifically food waste.

I got involved with the campaign because I hate waste.  It drives me mad to throw food in the bin.  My daughters will tell you how very little is left on our plates at mealtimes.  I think it’s because I’ve grown up with a mother that will keep even the tiniest amount of food as combined with a little of this and a little of that it could make up a whole meal.  We have little pots of oil, lentils, rice and curry taking up space in the fridge when she comes to stay. It drives my husband bonkers! But it’s an upbringing. Possibly an immigrant upbringing because when you have very little you want to keep as much of it as possible.  We certainly had very little when I was a child.  Food, toys, clothes, shoes it was all carefully purchased and carefully looked after.

That mindset hasn’t left me and I’ve talked about it in this book that was produced for the campaign.  There are many other views too. All very different but complementary.  Click on the image to link through to the book.


What’s your view? Do you think you are good at minimising waste? Do you have any tips to share?