Blackberry Recipes


1. an edible soft fruit consisting of a cluster of soft  purple-black drupelets. 2 the prickly climbing shrub of the rose  family which bears blackberries.

I first discovered blackberries on the way to school when I was about 10.  My friend was picking and eating these ignoring my desperate pleas not to in case she died! She got so exasperated that she wouldn’t let me through the school gates til I ate one. I’m so glad I did because they really are a jewel in those autumn hedgerows.

Blackberries are among the top ten foods that carry the most antioxidants. On top of that they are thought to prevents breast and cervical cancer. I also read that they strengthen blood vessels which prevent heart disease and improve your eyesight!

The most interesting thing I found though was that they help towards relief from intestinal inflammation and diarrohea! Wow, so if you make your dhal too spicy then these are supposedly the cure!

Recipes using blackberries

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