a pale yellow oval citrus fruit with thick skin and fragrant, acidic juice.

Lemons have tons of Vitamin C which is of course great for keeping colds at bay but on top of that lemons have a huge range of other health benefits.

Mixing lemon juice with hot water helps with the symptoms of heartburn and indigestion and many health expert believe that drinking lemon water regularly helps your body get rid of waste more efficiently.

Lemons are a natural antiseptic and can heal skin conditions.  Many cultures have used lemon juice as a facial toner to rejuvenate the skin and help to remove wrinkles and blackheads.

One fact I didn’t know was that lemon water works really well on toothaches and stops gum bleeding. Just gargle with one part lemon juice to one part water.  This also works well with throat infections because lemons have antibacterial properties also.

Finally, why is it that we’ve grown up being told that hot lemon and honey is good when you’re suffering from a cold, flu or fever?  Well the lemon water helps to increase perspiration and so allows a quicker recovery.

I use lemons almost everyday in cooking.  The lovely Mary Berry gave me an excellent tip when I was on The Great British Bake Off.  She said to warm the lemons slightly in the microwave to get the most juice out.  Have always done this since.

Here are some recipes using lemons:

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