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I’ve Gone a Bit Bananas!

“Mummy there’s a funny smell in your car” said my eldest last week.  Now this is a very strange comment because I keep the inside of my car very, very clean.  No sweet wrappers, chocolates, sandwiches or crisps are eaten and left in MY car.  EVER.

I had to admit that she was right though. There was a very odd smell.  Even though it’s only a small car we looked for over half an hour in all the nooks and crannies but to no avail.  And then a couple of days later I discovered the culprit.


Not in bad condition considering they were bought before Christmas! They were hiding right in the corner of the boot – almost falling under one of the hinges where I’d never have seen them.

I decided they needed some extra love considering the ordeal they had gone though so here’s the TLC they got.

A veritable banana bonanza! Enjoy x