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Sunday Spotlight : Gran Luchito Honey

I was introduced to this lovely honey at a foodie event last year.  I had it on a salty cracker with some lovely manchego type cheese.  It was incredibly memorable and incredibly moreish.

smoked chilli honey

Pasilla Oaxaca Chillies

The honey uses Pasilla Oaxaca chillies from the Oaxaca region of Mexico which is about five hours from the Pacific coast.  The name means ‘little raisin’ and it is a deep burgundy colour.  It’s dried in the sun for hours and then smoked using a process handed down verbally from generation to generation.

The first thing you taste is the sweetness of the Mexican honey.  Next comes the smokiness or was it the heat.  For sure there is a fire here but it’s not overpowering or lingering.

Slather on sourdough or baste over a baklava? 

This honey is an exceptional breakfast treat slathered over hot, buttery sourdough.  I could finish the whole jar very easily in just a few days.  I’d also recommend it with some clotted cream over scones or crumpets.  Takes the richness right out of the cream.

But I found this to be especially good in baklava.  I want to experiment with savoury baklava and this is a step closer to that.  I basted the warm baklava all over and then left it to rest for a night and basted again.  The honey has flecks of the dark chilli skins which I rather liked as they gave the heat right at the end making this dessert less sweet and the nutty insides delectable.  This was the only piece I cut.  The rest was eaten right out of the baking tin!

Chilli Honey Baklava

Chilli Honey Baklava – click for recipe

It’s now available to buy at a few places online in the UK. Thank you to the team at Gran Luchito for treating me to a jar and commissioning this recipe.  It’s all gone so I do hope Amazon deliver fast!

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