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My Simple Tomato Challenge

It’s that time of year that I contemplate gardening.  I’m not talking about shrubs and flowers here.  I’m talking about fruit and veg!  It’s getting warmer. There are blossoms on the trees.  My garden is looking bare and besides all that I like the idea of growing my own food.  I suppose there are a few reasons behind this.

Firstly, I want my young daughters to understand that food does not always come from packets and boxes; that much of it is grown in the ground and needs a lot of care and attention just like they do.

I am also rather curious and want to know what’s IN my food. I’m not obsessed with organic food nor am I against supermarkets and big wholesalers but wherever possible I’d like to know how my food was made and where it came from.

Finally, and undoubtedly one of the best reasons, it brings the most enormous feeling of satisfaction.   That sense of wonder that you get when you take a tiny, tiny seed and grown it into something you can cook with, and then eat, is quite simply one of the best feelings in the world!

I have to admit that I am a spring and summer gardener.  We have herbs lined up on windowsills during the winter but in the main our planting starts now and first off are the tomatoes.  My girls love tomatoes and we usually buy a load of potted plants – they fight about whose grows first and pick at them while out in the garden over the summer.

This year I decided to challenge myself at growing them from seed.  And it is a challenge for me because I have a lot of “barriers to entry” as we say in the marketing world.  I don’t have a big garden so I have to rely on pots and window boxes.  I also don’t know a huge amount about growing food and really don’t have the time to read books about soil types and germination techniques.

But all that doesn’t matter as I have discovered Seed Pantry.  An online, urban food growing specialist founded by Neil Whitehead.  I was inspired by Neil’s vision and motivated to have a go at building a little urban garden with my girls.  So I bought a little tomato seed box:

seed pantry tomato seeds

A perfect parcel

It comes with three varieties of seeds ready to sow.  We chose a variety each.

seed pantry tomatoes

Clear and simple

It also has comprehensive notes on what you need and how you need to do it!

seed pantry tomatoes

Simple but informative

That’s it.  Easy.  Our seeds are in their little pots now and according to the notes, when there are two or three leaves, we can move them to a bigger pot. There they will stay til they get to about 15-20cm high at which point we can pop them into the ground or a grow bag.  Brilliantly simple!  I’m going to photograph each stage of this challenge and our plants and post the images on my Flickr page.

Why not have a go? I have another pack of these great tomato seeds to giveaway and get you started.

Leave a comment below to say you’ve entered.  If you’re on Twitter, simply tweet “I’ve entered @BotanicalBaker ‘s Tomato @SeedPantry Giveaway” and I’ll put you in for a double entry.  You have until then end of Friday 16 March to enter.

Or if you are growing something already, why not share your pictures on my Flickr page? I’d love to see them and hear about your efforts.