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A Decadent Easter

Decadence is such a beautiful feeling yet the dictionary defines is as ‘the act of falling into decay or deterioration – especially of the moral kind’ 

I think that’s just so sad. It’s a wonderful feeling. Complete and utter indulgence every now and then never did any of us any harm.  And this is exactly what I feel like doing this Easter.

Reaching for decadence

I’ve had a pretty busy time already in 2013 and so after turning the Blackberry off for the holidays today, the first thing I reached for was not a cold glass of wine – another thing guaranteed to make me feel decadent – but rather a huge slab of chocolate. An Easter egg in fact.  A Serious Dark Fix Chocolate Easter Egg from Hotel Chocolat.

hotel chocolate easter egg

Pure decadence

A luxury for all your senses

The thing with decadence is that I have to smell it too.  The scent of Coco Chanel perfume on a night out, the aroma of good coffee brewing in an independent   quiet and expensive coffee house or the smell of new LK Bennett shoes.  Chocolate has without a doubt got that smell which transports you into a different world.

And those wonderful sounds of decadence – clinking of Champagne glasses – or the popping of the cork for that matter.  The satisfying snap of good quality, dark chocolate beneath your fingers. That’s got decadence stamped all over it.

And let’s not forget about the tastes. Chilli, champagne, truffles, silken ganaches.  Different textures, different flavours evoking memories of travels and cuddles.

I revelled in happiness after a long day.  I forgot about work, trains, pushy commuters and that freezing icy cold wind.  Each bite turned a little relaxation cog somewhere inside and before I knew it, there was no more chocolate left.

Some would say it’s greedy. I’d say it’s completely in line with the definition we started with – a deterioration. A deterioration of stresses and woes. A deterioration of modern day worries into a world of smiles and warm glows.

Happy Easter xx