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Forever Nigella #23 Roundup

I am so sorry for the delay in posting this roundup. A few problems synching and a lot of day job stuff.  It’s a brilliant set of recipes and stories which I loved reading. I think this Nostalgia theme got you all very nostalgic indeed!

1. Stack ‘Em High – Nigella’s American Pancakes by Louise and Crumbs and Corkscrews

She toyed between these lovely pancakes and cheesy triangles as the most nostalgic food of her childhood.  I prefer these! I loved her story of Granny Vi so be sure to go and have a read.


2. Reckless Retro Cheesecake by Sally at Recipe Junkie and The Attack of The Custard Creams  

Not a baked cheesecake but a good ole fashioned set in the fridge cheesecake with a great easy recipe for Blackcurrant Jam.


3. Syrup Sponge Puddings by Jen at Blue Kitchen Bakes

This recipe is from Nigella Lawson’s How To Be A Domestic Goddess book which like many of us tends to be the one we refer back to time and time again because the recipes work.


4. American Pancakes by Lisa – the lovely American baker at United Cakedom 

More pancakes but this time with maple syrup and lotus biscuit spread atop.  I agree with Lisa that sometimes the smallest things make us nostalgic.  I was peeling cucumbers the other day and had a flashback to my days in Japan sitting watching the sushi chef in the window yearning to go inside and have a chat but never quite mustering the courage.  Like Lisa – faded and fuzzy memories but memories all the same.



5. Banana and Walnut Cake from Katherine at Leeks and Limone

This recipe is from Nigella’s How To Be A Domestic Goddess and brought back the years spent at university for Katherine.  Her friend used to make banana cake after a fragile night out.  I’ll have to try that one!


6. Lovely heart shaped Drop Scones by Sinea at Sinea’s Pantry

I love these heart shaped scones which were prompted by a memory of Great Granny as she made these for Sinea’s family when they visited as youngsters.  She has very fond memories of helping with the mixture and being allowed to spread our own butter and jam onto them.


7. Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich by Susan at A Little Bit Of Heaven On A Plate

Now this is probably one of my favourite recipes – if you can call it that because as Susan says, it’s so easy.  It was a breakfast treat served with lashings of laughter for Susan and her good friend.  I think it’s wonderful to have food related memories of laughing.


8. Chocolate Topped Cupcakes by Elizabeth at Elizabeth’s Kitchen

Two brand new Nigella books, one new house and a young baby and these cupcakes have featured in Elizabeth’s kitchen time and time again.  This is the great thing about Nigella’s recipes – you just want to go back again and again because they work.

cupcake, nigella

Image courtesy of Elizabeth’s six year old daughter!

9. Pineapple Upside Down Cake by Sally (again) at Recipe Junkie and The Attack of The Custard Creams  

Another entry by Sally – clearly a big Nigella fan.  This time memories and nostalgia about a time when cooking was therapy of sorts.  I can relate to that. I tend to bake when I’m stressed.


10. Chocolate Key Lime Pie by the wonderful Choclette at Chocolate Log Blog 

A lovely twist on a Nigella recipe raising memories of an American childhood that was never had! That made me chuckle as I too could imagine eating bucket loads of this delicious pie had I been an American kid.


11. Granny Lawson’s Pie by Gabriela at Travelling Wilbury

This one has an interesting adaptation as Gabriela is from Argentina so she adapted this pie version into empanadas which is a lovely way to link back to her homeland.

nigella, pie


12. Boston Cream Pie by Sam at Smart Cookie Sam

I loved this post. Had some beautiful imagery of Boston which reminded me of being there with my husband too – only I was 6 months pregnant at the time.   This recipe is from How To Be A Domestic Goddess and it’s a lovely variation with the ganache topping.

nigella, victoria sponge, boston cream pie


And finally not a recipe but a post by the creator of Nigella Forever, Sarah of Maison Cupcake.  It’s about Aix En Provence from her France on Fridays series and this image of a window made me incredibly nostalgic as all the feelings of living there as a young student away from home came flooding back –  lost, lonely, confused, elated, sensitive, excited, exuberant, bewitched…


It was a life changing year for me in so many ways so thank you Sarah for helping me reconnect with those old memories and for letting me host February’s Forever Nigella challenge.