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Saturday Spotlight: Green Saffron’s Bombay Aloo Mix

I’m not a fan of mixes. Really I’m not. Especially Indian spices mixes.  Everytime I see one on the shelf I can hear the voice of Nina Wadia’s Goodness Gracious Me character shouting “Naheee, I can make it at home for nothing“.

But ….and I’m finding it difficult not to wave my forefinger at you here as she would have done on the show….even I have to admit that the lovely Arun from Green Saffron has got something very, very right with his range of spice mixes.

Green Saffron Bombay Aloo Spice Mix

Beautifully branded paper bags to keep the spices fresh

The highest grade fresh farm spices from India are used in the blends

Green Saffron is a family business based in Cork, Ireland. They buy the highest grade, farm-fresh whole spices from all over India and blend them based on their own unique family recipes. All the spices mixes come in a beautiful brown paper bag with Arun’s quirky but very Indian branding on top. Often the spices are ground the same day as they are shipped assuring a really fresh, home ground taste.

This spice mix for Bombay Aloo smelled amazing from the minute I opened the packet.  I could smell coriander and cumin right away but was surprised to also see some black pepper and bay.  My mother didn’t teach me to use those latter spices in this dish.

The preparation is incredibly easy. You literally chop some spuds, throw them into an oven proof dish with some oil and the spice mix and toss everything together.  It cooks in the oven or on the hob and tastes of Mumbai  sunsets on Juhu Beach.  Even the renowned society lady from the series, Rani Rao, would not have needed her Jaran Singh

Green Saffron Bombay Spice Mix

Wonderfully spiced potatoes bringing back memories of Mumbai

Try some..

There is a comprehensive range of spices which include the old favourites like Mesmerising Madras Curry, Tantalising Tikka Masala, Tongue Tingling Tandoori and Coconuty Korma.  You can buy these  at lots of places in Ireland but if you’re not based over there like me then try online and follow Arun on Twitter via @GreenSaffron for dates of markets he’s doing.

Do you have any favourite spice blends? Do you make them at home or buy from someone like Green Saffron? Do you make them as you need them or in batches?